Terms & Conditions


    The Terms and Conditions explained below apply between WerOrg.com and you with regards to the submission of and the payment for your electronic device(s). These terms also apply to future communications, supplements, and pricing on our website as well as the services we provide unless stated otherwise.

  • Please read our Terms and Conditions before conducting business with us. You consent to our terms should you choose to complete any transaction with us. If you DO NOT accept these terms, please DO NOT complete your trade-in quote request or send your electronic device(s) to WerOrg.com, as this is a legally binding contract between WerOrg.com and you. To do business with us, it is necessary for you as the customer to provide us with accurate, up to date information about yourself that complies with all laws and regulation applicable to this contract.

  • WerOrg.com is owned and run by WerOrg.com and DOES NOT have any affiliation, endorsement, or sponsorship with other companies or brands mentioned on the website. The brands, copyrights, logos, likenesses as well as the registered trademarks are properties of these companies or organizations. This applies to all companies and organizations unless specified otherwise.


    In line with our efforts to maintain a long term relationship, we realize that protecting your privacy is absolutely necessary. Therefore, the information that you provide to us (email, address, phone number, etc.) will be solely used to execute and complete your transactions on WerOrg.com. We will not, under any circumstances, share your information with any third party. Please remove any personal information from the device prior to sending it over to us. If you forget to important/sensitive information from your devices(s) before sending to us, we will do our best to wipe out any information left on your device(s) prior to re-selling them, but WerOrg.com does not guarantee that this will be done all the time. By sending us your electronic device(s), you are agreeing to release us from any commitment including data security, integrity, etc. WerOrg.com is NOT responsible for any LOSS on your part due to data that wasn�t erased or backed up prior to shipping a device to us. Please, reach out to us at support@WerOrg.com should you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


    We have done our best to keep the trade-in process of your electronics to us as simple as possible. Majority of the times, you will get paid the price you were initially quoted at the initial trade-in request and other times, your offer may/can be subject to a review. Reason(s) for such review often is/are that, but not limited to, the model, storage capacity, condition, etc. of a device specified at trade-in not matching those at delivery to us. Such review(s) could lead to an increase or decrease in your initial offer. Do your best to give an accurate description of a device at trade-in. When in doubt, please contact us. Be aware that WerOrg.com maintains the sole rights to make the final evaluation of all electronic devices sent to us. We will notify you if there is a change in the pricing of your product and you will then have SEVEN days to accept or decline the new offer. Failure to decline the new offer through any means of communication with us after SEVEN days authorizes us to pay out the new offer amount to you through the payment option selected at the initial trade-in offer.

    All trade-in offers are valid for TWENTY-ONE days. Your offer will be re-evaluated to the current market value if we DO NOT receive your device(s) AFTER the TWENTY-ONE-day mark. WerOrg.com reserves the sole right to cancel a trade-in offer at any time without any advanced notice to the customer.

    Our technicians are some of the best in the industry. If at inspection it is determined that the original manufacturer�s seal of your device(s) has/have been broken/tampered, or your device(s) has/have been damaged due to a previous repair not conducted by us or a certified technician, your original trade-in offer will be revised according to the Terms and Conditions set forth by WerOrg.com.


    WerOrg.com strived to maintain a long term relationship with its customers via incentives for referral to us. The amount for such referral will be set and paid out monthly by 1GuyGadet, and we reserved the rights to cancel such payments at any time.


    • Offer: Your offer will be locked in for TWENTY-ONE days after request from WerOrg.com.

    • Shipping: Allow up to five business days for delivery of your device(s) to us after shipment.

    • Testing: It takes up to 48 hours for our Technician to analyze the status of your device (s) once delivered to us. We may/can require additional time (up to another 48 hours) to process your devices if you sent more than 5 devices to us. If your device does not include all the necessary accessories for testing, please allow up to an additional 5 business days for testing.

    • Payments: After we have assessed the status of your phone, we will send you your payment through the method you selected at trade-in, or send you a new offer if we ascertain that your electronic device(s) DID NOT meet your specifications at the initial trade-in request. You will have up to SEVEN days to accept or decline this new offer. Failure to decline the new offer through any means of communication with us after SEVEN days authorizes us to pay out the new offer amount to you through the payment option selected at the initial trade-in offer. Please note that if you selected PayPal, you will be responsible for the fee associated with PayPal.

    • Tracking: You will always have the ability to track the progress of your device(s) through your WerOrg.com account or by using our unique tracking system.

    • Larger Payments: Please, allow an additional two to three business day for processing for your offers greater or equal to $1100.00.


    If you decline a new offer after a technical review of your device(s), we will return your electronic device(s) to you free-of-charge. If your order has multiple items, we will only return the item that we have sent a new offer for. The remaining items cannot be returned should you feel that the new offer for the device under review was inaccurate. If your device(s) is/are found to have NO VALUE after our technical review, and you DO NOT decline the new offer with SEVEN days, WE WILL RECYCLE device in question.

    To test your device(s), our technicians MUST remove the casing or the protective covering of your device(s). If you ask for your device(s) to be returned to you during this process, WerOrg.com will do its best to return (without any guarantees) them in the condition they were received. Please note that free return shipping does not apply in the following scenarios:

    A device was significantly misrepresented.
    A device was found to be reported lost or stolen.
    A device was found to have an Activation or iCloud lock.
    A device was found to still be under a financial contract or your account is not in good financial standing with your carrier.


    After we have paid you for your device(s), full ownership automatically transfers to WerOrg.com. Such devices cannot be reported as lost or stolen after selling to us, nor can they be subject to any insurance claims. This will be considered as INSURANCE FRAUD and we reserve the full right to prosecute you as stipulated by the law.


    We understand that you may not be certain of the exact condition of your product and this is why we encourage you to contact us with your questions. We try to avoid any review of your initial trade-in offer as much as possible to help build your trust in the WerOrg.com brand. However, we do want you to answer the simple questions in the most honest and accurate way possible. Generally, devices that are largely misrepresented with major discrepancies are considered an abuse of our service and are NOT covered under our Free Return Policy when an adjusted offer is declined due to reasons stated in (7) above. WerOrg.com as the right to determine whether or not our system has been abused in any way. We will not allow for obvious errors to occur without consequences to the user of our system. If this is the case, we will NOT allow for the free shipping of your electronic device(s) back to you if you request this. The CUSTOMER will be responsible for paying for shipment of their item back to them as well as any cost incurred by us through the use of our prepaid shipping label.


    If your electronic device(s) have either been damaged or lost while they are in transit, we at WerOrg.com will do our best to help find an appropriate resolution for you as a valued customer. All deliveries to us through a carrier are insured up to a certain value. We STRONGLY advise you to purchase additional insurance if the value of your device exceeds the base insured amount. WerOrg.com cannot help with devices worth more than the base insured amount shipped without additional shipping insurance. If when shipping out a device, it is not scanned referencing the point in which it was received by the courier, we are not responsible if the item does not make it to us. If the parcel is not properly packaged and there are damages that occur to the electronic device(s), we are not responsible for these damages. The lack of �proper packing� include but are not limited to an unpadded or unsealed box or envelope or not enough padding to keep the electronic device(s) secure within the package. The value of any electronic device(s) that are inadequately packaged will NOT be reimbursed. If you have questions regarding how to package your item please discuss your concerns with the courier desk attendant before shipping. We insure all OUTGOING PACKAGES at the amount that we find the device(s) to be valued at. If we have given you a new offer, the insured amount will equal this offer even if you have not accepted these terms. For all insurance claims, you must be able to show proof of purchase and be willing to take all the appropriate steps to satisfy information requirements needed for the claim.


    All content on WerOrg.com including content, images, technologies etc. are the SOLE property of WerOrg.com and are protected by trademark laws. Content may NOT be used or copied without the consent of WerOrg.com.


    Your accept to be 18 years or older when you consent to a trade-in with us. You also consent to be the owner of the device(s) you are sending to us and agree that no other person or group has any rights towards the device(s). You have the legal authority to transfer the ownership of this device to us without any hindrances. You are also consenting that the device you are sending to us is not stolen. Stolen, fake, or counterfeit devices will be turned over to federal authorities. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for such devices. These devices will not be sent back to you as it is considered mail fraud. If you have questions regarding the legitimacy of your device(s), please do not hesitate to contact us PRIOR to sending the item to us.


    If your package arrives without the correct information or without the appropriate package receipt or return labels, we will keep track of your item, and pay you the offer amount that coincides with the receipt we have on record. After testing your item if we discover that the price is different, we will pay you the new amount, if we can match the item to the said owner. Since we do not have the proper return information, this price is. To avoid these complications, please ensure that the appropriate information is shipped out along with your electronic device(s).


    ALL legal disputes will be handled through Arbitration WITH NO ATTORNEYS.