We are a family-owned and operated business based in Buda, Texas.
We buy back your new and used phones, tablets, watches, and laptops at unbeatable prices. 

Our entire business model is based solely on our customers' ability to trust us, and doing anything to jeopardize that would be unwise on our part!
We understand that asking you to send your device to us before being paid is a huge ask, but be rest assured that we will always honor our own side of the bargain... we always have!
From humble beginnings, has built its strong reputation here through face-to-face meetings with clients like you. Our ratings from local marketplaces like OfferUp, 5Miles, Letgo, Facebook and more speak for themselves! If not for the distance, we would cherish a face-to-face with you as well!
Trade-in Process

The process of getting a quote is simple and straightforward! Visit our home page and choose the device you want to trade-in. Our system will then guide you through a series of questions until an offer is made. You will also be presented with useful hints to help you during the process.

Your offer is locked in for 21 DAYS starting from the day you submitted a trade-in request. Your offer will expire and becomes subject to a re-quote If we do not receive your device(s) within the guaranteed offer lock period.

we encourage you to use the BULK SALES form on this website when you want to sell more than 10 devices as our system will not allow you to request a quote.

Our offer algorithm makes an intelligent offer based on your answers to the questions asked. On arrival, a technician will evaluate your device(s)  and then compare results to your answers at trade-in. Your initial offer price can/may be subject to an increase or decrease based on the assessments of our technicians.

Yes, you can!

Sure! you can cancel your offer at any time. Keep in mind that it might cost you depending on the reason for the cancellation and at what stage of the trade-in process the cancellation was requested.

We buy the following types of devices:
  • Fully paid-off i.e. not under any financial contract
  • Never been reported lost or stolen
  • Never been blacklisted (applicable to any device with an ESN/IMEI number)
  • Free of any kind of security or access locks. Such locks include iCloud locks, Google Activation locks, passwords, etc.

No worries! Select a condition that best describes your device. We will evaluate your devices(s) and adjust the offer accordingly once received. Your reevaluated offer price could end up being higher or lower.

We will begin the processing of your offer as soon as your devices(s) is/are delivered to us.

Shipping is 100% free for all INCOMING packages to!  We also provide free shipping back to you in the event that you have requested a return, and the reason for the return is understandable not the fault of the customer. Please, see our terms and conditions for more information.

All shipping is done through USPS (United States Postal Services). Use the USPS prepaid trackable shipping label we provided you to ship your device(s).

Your devices shipped through USPS are insured up to $50 in value by default. You are encouraged to purchase extra shipping insurance at checkout if the value of your device exceeds $50. will assist you as best as it can in the event of an insurance claim. will not be accountable for inadequately insured lost/damaged packages.

If your device is insured to its full value quoted at checkout, will work with you to ensure that your claims are paid by insurance. If you didn't select additional insurance at checkout, your offer will be subject to a review. If you decline the new offer, you will be responsible for the return shipment of your device(s).  Please, see our terms and conditions for more information.

Your offer price will be paid through a Bank Check, Paypal or Zelle if you shipped you device to us. Your money will be paid soon after your devices(s) has/have been received and processed. We also offer Cash payments to clients who can meet at select Starbucks coffee shops in the city.

Please, contact us immediately and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

Please, contact us immediately before we execute payment with the wrong information and we will fix it. We do our due diligence to match the payment information you have provided us to ensure that the money paid goes to the right person(you). We will not be accountable if your money is paid out with the wrong information you provided.


You can reach us with the information below if you still have questions, and we would be glad to help.

Unit 104 10006 101 Avenue
Grande Prairie, Alberta T8V 0Y1